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Free! Nagisa and Makoto 2 by Amapolchen
Hello everyone!
Due to the lack of space me and my cosplay partner Chi-fuyu decided to sell our Free! Costumes. The Ending version of NAGISA and MAKOTO to be precise.

Both of the costumes are completely handsewn and embroidered. Both of the costumes were only worn twice. The NAGISA costume includes:

- Free! Nagisa by Amapolchen -

the pants
the top
the 2 shawls
the veil
the wig
the following jewelry

tumblr mtg71p4ieH1qjsknno2 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mtg71p4ieH1qjsknno1 1280 by Amapolchen

The costumes should fit everybody from size 8 to 12. I'm 5'6'' tall myself but it should also fit people who are smaller or taller than I am.

tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo1 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo4 1280 by Amapolchen
tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo2 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo6 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo7 1280 by Amapolchen
tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo9 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo10 1280 by Amapolchen tumblr mqeq7nnEKL1qf02rvo8 1280 by Amapolchen

The MAKOTO costume of my friend is handsewn and embroidered as well, only worn twice and should fit everybody form size 10 to 14. She's 5'9'' but there is room here for other sizes as well.

Free! - Tachibana Makoto [Ending] by Chi-fuyu BP9a-sPCQAEKjSx by Amapolchen

The costume includes:

the pants
the top
the cloak
the wig
the turban
the ring, the necklace and the braclets


We sell EACH costume for 190€ with the shipping costs already included. A discount is possible if we ship to any country within the EU.

We sell both costumes TOGETHER for 350€ with the shipping costs included.

We ship from Germany and will provide you with a tracking number once the package is on it's way to you. Please also keep the extended shipping times in mind. A package can take up to several weeks to arrive at it's destination.


We prefer paypal but a bank transfer would be possible as well. Once the payment is made and we received payment  we'll immediately inform you and send out the package.

If there are any questions, feel free to send either of us a direct message, or leave a comment below. We will answer as quickly as possible!


Please keep in mind that we are amateurs only. We are no professional tailors, merely self-taught :)

Thank you for your time!

Upcoming costumes

Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 5:07 PM

In this post I'd like to talk a bit about my current costumes. Those that I already finished and those that are planned for the next three months. Naturally, I don't know if I manage to sew them all in time but we will see.

To be quote honest, not much has happened in the months after the Leipzig Book Fair. I tried to re-do my Hungary costume and try to incorporate more country style elements. I went on a total rampage with my embroidery machine and the apron for Hungary was my victim.

Furthermore, I rekindled my love for Bleach. My very first cosplay was Soi Fon and I am so happy that I was able to cosplay something from this series a second time. That it would be Shunsui of all characters was surprising though. The photo shoot with Chi-fuyu was so much fun though! Hopefully, I can show you a few more pictures sooner or later.

The week before last, I attended Dokomi, an anime- and manga convention in Dόsseldorf. On Saturday I was wearing my Cadence cosplay and this time I didn't only have a Celestia but a Luna too! Thanks Vogelbeere for being our third princess. She didn't quite make it in time for the book fair but just look how drop-dead gorgeous she is:…

Dokomi was over on Sunday, but we stayed a bit longer for another shooting with the lovely e-l-y-n-n who let us stay at her place. Thanks for that, darling! We wore our so-called Ghetto-Knights (Magic Knight Rayearth). The costumes were already finished last year but we didn't manage to have a proper photo shooting at that time.
Special mention goes to Chi-fuyu who took it upon herself to take all the pictures, despite the horrible weather.

……Hetalia: Hungary 6 by Amapolchen…Bleach Ukitake + Shunsui by Amapolchen…MKR: Fuu 1 by Amapolchen……

Other than that I'm preparing for my next convention: AnimagiC. Luckily, there is still some time left before that one. So I decided to start sewing some simple costumes in between, just for fun. I also really want to finally take pictures of my Rolan Flamberge costume (from Rolan the Forgotten Kind) together with the lovely aco-rea as Ιtoile. The costumes are finished after all and we only need a photographer.

Other than that, I am also working on the opening costume for Sakura. Unfortunately without a partner. I just want a Tomoyo so badly ):

In addition to that, Chi-fuyu and I plan to do some Durarara!! cosplays again. Shizuo and Izaya, of course. But this time we decided to do their high school uniforms. I just hope it turns out better than last time. I was rather inexperienced back then and now I'm excited to tackle this series once again. Wish me luck!

My plans for the AnimagiC include at least two new costumes: Lavi from D.Gray-man, together with my beloved Chi-fuyu as Kanda. A big thank you to all of you who participated in my DGM poll! I'm totally thrilled and can't wait to see how we'll look in those costumes. But well, there is still much work to do before that happens.

My second costume will be Juri from Revolutionary Girl Utena. I was rather insecure at first, because I didn't think Juri would look good on me but I just like her so much and I decided to just give it a try! Cute Maohheika will be my Ruka and nothing can go wrong with such an awesome partner.

And in the summer, we already have a Karneval photo shooting planned. I can't wait for it! I will cosplay as Gareki,  Chi-fuyu as Yogi and x-Ilia-x as Nai. And with those two, our group can only rock!

Alright, that's it! I talked to much already, anyway. Which is rather unusual for me, actually.
Cosplay WIPs and gifsets can be found on my blog if anybody of you is interested!

Thanks for reading and goodbye~

Cosplay Feature

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 3:22 AM

1. For each of the first 20 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three cosplay deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! If you would like to suggest your own deviations, feel free to do so.

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!


|-1-| Shirokii

Cat's food - Miku - VOCALOID by Shirokii West witch  - Zone-00 by Shirokii MAGI : The Labyrinth of Magic - Morgiana by Shirokii

|-2-| Sandrichan

NorgeIsland - Beskyttelse by Sandrichan FranceEngland - Pas de nouveau by Sandrichan KamekoLife - Lia. Le chevalier dEon by Sandrichan

|-3-| sakuritachan92

Ariel - Paradise by sakuritachan92 Oerba Dia Vanille - Reborn by sakuritachan92 Shiemi Moriyama - Botanique by sakuritachan92

|-4-| xmagicalgirlyx

:thumb345590003: :thumb361418285: No One Better. by xmagicalgirlyx

|-5-| necodream

King Arthur Kirkland by necodream Pirate Francis and King Arthur by necodream nyo!Scotland pirate by necodream

|-6-| Jime-sama

A Kiss Under the Cherry - Soushi Miketsukami by Jime-sama Gilbird^^- Fem!Austria Nyotalia by Jime-sama I Want to be the queen - Margaery Tyrell by Jime-sama

|-7-| BellaHime

Princess Himeno by BellaHime Sailor Mars by BellaHime :thumb146760651:

|-8-| Junniechi

Umineko: Final Showdown by Junniechi Megurine Luka: Coloured Darkness by Junniechi PnSwG: Battle Mode by Junniechi

|-9-| Limnauth

ASOIAF - Prepare yourself by Limnauth XXXHolic - Yuuko and Doumeki by Limnauth APH - Walking by Limnauth

|-10-| RomaVargas

thoughtful but not so thought of by RomaVargas Lovina 001 by RomaVargas Lovina 003 by RomaVargas

|-11-| NabCosplay

Happy Bunny by NabCosplay Playful Bunny by NabCosplay Nurse England by NabCosplay

|-12-| Mizukishou

Madoka Kaname - at the edge of the abyss by Mizukishou Miku Hatsune - a fine memory of lightwaves by Mizukishou Yuuki Kuran - dancing with the petals of the wind by Mizukishou

|-13-| Voldiesama

Don't trust me -Alice Tales of symphonia cosplay by Voldiesama Here we are. What are your other two wishes? by Voldiesama never change a thing- Prussia Austria cosplay by Voldiesama

|-14-| Mi-chan12

Supermodel by Mi-chan12 Being Silly by Mi-chan12 Harley Quinn Has Arrived by Mi-chan12

|-15-| FrauDoku

blind by FrauDoku APH: invisible by FrauDoku Touko 1 by FrauDoku

|-16-| VoiceActingChibi

Hero Pose (Tiger and Bunny) by VoiceActingChibi Dog of the Military by VoiceActingChibi Just Sitting Here (Tiger and Bunny) by VoiceActingChibi

|-17-| brightflower124

……:thumb333491282: :thumb370334785:……

|-18-| Dragon-of-Heaven

Subaru Sumeragi by Dragon-of-Heaven Hetalia group photo Amecon 2012 by Dragon-of-Heaven Princess Cornelia by Dragon-of-Heaven

|-19-| DascocoCosplay

Curious child by DascocoCosplay The Young Nation by DascocoCosplay Keeper of the Cards by DascocoCosplay

|-20-| DascocoCosplay

……………Oh Gilbird~ by LavenderReaper Prussia And Spain... and Gilbird!~ by LavenderReaper……………

Thank you for participating! ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Amapolchens Cosplayblog

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 2:38 PM

Hello. After a long time, I 'm back with a new journal entry.
Unfortunately, this time it is no cosplay feature. Instead, I'd like to advertise my cosplay-tumblr a bit.

On this blog, I will frequently upload WIPs, cosplay gifs, sketches and lots of other stuff. I will also put up little previews of my costumes there before uploading them to deviantart.

If you like you can post links to your own cosplay-tumblr if any of you have one. Have a nice day, everyone <3


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 28, 2012, 1:10 PM

featured by: Amapolchen


kamikaze kaito jeanne______________________________________________
JANNE 3 by pinkberry-parfait Just a little bit closer by Bridget9116 To be fallen by Des-Henkers-Braut Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by 56VanHelsing56
Fynn, where are you by Kaira-sama KKJ: Holy light by Nami06 Maron and Miyako by Rayi-kun Hijiri Shikaido by KashinoRei
Phantom-Thief Jeanne by WinryDeeDee Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Splitfatal Maron Kusakabe by Rayi-kun
KKJ: Jeanne and Sindbad by Nami06 :thumb178701842: :thumb94479792: pure eyes by princess-soffel
Tell me a secret by Bridget9116 Kamikaze kaitou jeanne by clefchan Maaron Cosplay by Dira-Chan
Puppet and Master by Pika-Pika-Queen Fynn Fish by NaokoMaskai KKJ .:All alone:. by KyouyaGavin
Marron Kusakabe - Kamikaze kaito Jeanne by xSan-chi JANNE 1 by pinkberry-parfait fynn Fish 2 by XsakuX Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by 0Haniko0
Good and Bad by Bridget9116 finn fish cosplay2 by clefchan What did you just call me? by Devilish0Kisa
like kamikaze by LyaLychee Let the dream begin... by Kairi-Heartless Hear my Wisper by Des-Henkers-Braut Access Time by Des-Henkers-Braut

full moon wo sagashite_____________________________________________
NOT EVEN GOD CAN STOP THE MOON by Dandelionswish LUST by Dandelionswish Fullmoon - Meroko Yui by seirie06
'New Future' by Dandelionswish :thumb187104884: Searching for the F U L L M O O N by YamatoTaichou Mitsuki of Full Moon by Dandelionswish
It's Autumn by Shio-san Wishing you the BEST by Hakuren-Naoki Jonathan Plushie by sakurasaku
T a k u t o: S h i n i g a m i by YamatoTaichou Tea For Two by Dandelionswish Negiramen - Full Moon Wo sagashite by SheenaSymphonia :thumb252053408:
Autumn Friendship by BabySSB Sunset by Dandelionswish Full Moon - Looking for Eichi by Kifia N e g i R a m e n by YamatoTaichou
My dearest memory by ninnu-chan Milkshake - Izumi and Meroko by Little-Princess-Life Meroko Yui - Yuki by RomaiLee Meroko Yui - innocent by RomaiLee

sakura hime: the legend of princess sakura____________________________
Sakura Hime Cosplay by ButterflyHinata Sakura Hime Kaden 2 by Mindsebbandflow Sakura Hime Sakura Hime Kaden Cosplay 2 by Ka-ze-na Sakura Hime Cosplay by ButterflyHinata
Sakura Hime Sakura Hime Kaden Cosplay 6 by Ka-ze-na Sakura Hime Sakura Hime Kaden Cosplay 3 by Ka-ze-na sakura I by ibila
Sakura Hime Kaden by Mindsebbandflow Chizakura by HotaruKitty Sakura Hime Kaden by Shizuku-Seijaku Gardenflowers by Inulein

Can you help me up please by MoonMicky SDC:Take me to dancing tonight by wanasabi SDC: the pure maiden by wanasabi I miss you by A-Teen
Haine and Ushio by A-Teen Haine - autumn light by chiisaiSaku Fortune Tiara 4 by catchancosplay Zettai Mistress Fortune by YunaB-Rabbit
Fortune Tiara 2 by catchancosplay Heaven - Kisaki and Giniro by YunaB-Rabbit Haine Otomiya ... +Nightlife+ by LiL-KRN-YUNA
Dark Stranger Yami [Time Stranger Kyoko] by ChikaraSan Aqua Stranger Mizuno by Shikke Maora - 02 by ichiko-san Kyoko 2 by catchancosplay

_________________________________last features



Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 2:01 AM

featured by: Amapolchen


Finland Stamp by l8__________________________________________finland
itsenaisyyspaiva by masa-kocha :thumb266831041: Finland and Hanatamago by eririn-dA Finland by TheNinjaIchigos
finland 20090823 by haruhi-nazakura APH - The Birch Boy by umiyo APH:Finland-Winter[winter clothes ver] by Hikari-OvO
Christmas Messengers by masa-kocha Waiting for Christmas by Erandir APH: A Fairytale by Hisokasbaby White as snow by Sandriz
Police Finland by fortehhorde Hetalia - Golden Afternoon by Auris-Lothol APH: Hi, This is my pet dog. by MaskedPhantom APH: Finland Cosplay by neko-panigiri

Norway Stamp by l8__________________________________________norway
APH : Norway by haruhi-nazakura Son of the North by Lirlys Heatlia - Norway's wolf by HappyManga
Medieval Norway - Upon the sky by dark1110 hetalia Nor by azuooooo Norway by Rhapsodii-kun APH - Norway by senyama
Norway by Azariel-Kirimn Medieval Norway by dark1110 Those rare moments by Lirlys

Flag of Iceland Stamp by xxstamps__________________________________________iceland
Iceland by Norviur :thumb167023692: APH: Yes, I AM a pirat! by Shiho-Sherry APH - Iceland - Open your heart by yurotschka
Cosplay - Clear by satoru-13 Cosplay - Melancholy by satoru-13 Playing chess by shosudo
Iceland by YUZU-0u0 APH - Don't be afraid of Water by yorune Hetalia: Icelandic Snow by gomimushi
Cosplay - Consume by satoru-13  APH - Iceland by aomarine APH - Lost in Blue by yorune Hetalia: Iceland at comiket by gomimushi

Sweden Stamp by l8__________________________________________sweden
Cool Gaze by masa-kocha Berwald Oxenstierna by SofiaMidori APH Konungariket Sverige by hanryukun Sweden APH costest 1 by hanryukun
Lie in the Ivy by RaitoxL Hetalia - Sweden's war by Ravenic APH: Berwald Oxenstierna by red-cluster
Sweden KITAYUME 5th anniv by YUZU-0u0 Sweden Cosplay by chez-eh APH - Sweden by red-cluster Come with me, wife? - Sweden by oishii-tomato

Denmark Stamp by l8_________________________________________denmark
APH - Gakuen Denmark II by Sakiko-Seihikaru Gakuen Denmark - subtle by dark1110 Hetalia - Denmark by Lindzar Viking Denmark by ocwajbaum
OMG SNOW by Helena-hime Hetalia - My Dear Friend by NanjoKoji Even Vikings Need Sleep by ocwajbaum
Cosplay - Denmark by oneoftwo Hetalia - my enemy, beloved - Denmark by NanjoKoji Ice Cold by SporkRuler APH - Denmark 06 by gazekaro
APH: Denmark wig by red-cluster

Sweden Stamp by l8&Finland Stamp by l8_____________________finland & sweden
Reunited by masa-kocha Sweden Finland -02- by haruhi-nazakura :thumb206602985:
Santa Finland: Looking towards the sun by squkyshoes sweden finland -03- by haruhi-nazakura .Sweden+Finland. by That-Way Lilly of the Valley by masa-kocha
Say Yes, Please by masa-kocha APH SuFin: This is our Love... by MaskedPhantom my su-fin festival 04 by haruhi-nazakura
my su-fin festival 02 by haruhi-nazakura Separate Ways by eririn-dA APH: With You by red-cluster
Brief and Loud, Tall and Proud by bluucircles APH-I will give you a kiss by astachan Happy Birthday to Su-san by eririn-dA APH:sf:You are my light by fullmetalflower
A long time ago by shewon APH SuFin: The Stern, The Cute by MaskedPhantom APH:sf:Tasting by fullmetalflower
APH:sf:Your warmth by fullmetalflower :thumb181246203: Angels by masa-kocha

Denmark Stamp by l8&Sweden Stamp by l8___________________sweden & denmark
beaten by RaitoxL Before the storm... by Xelessia Support SWEDENMARK by RaitoxL
The conquest of the peak by Xelessia Stay calm Sverige by RaitoxL Do you give up Sverige by RaitoxL rivals by Reike-chan
Nothern Europe_The Vikings by hybridre Love or Hate ? by RaitoxL blood battle by Reike-chan
APH: Do not want by red-cluster Hetalia - SweDen - Love or so by Ravenic LEAVE FINLAND ALONE by roxwindy APH_defeated by hybridre

Denmark Stamp by l8&Norway Stamp by l8___________________denmark & norway
APH : Denmark and Norway by haruhi-nazakura By Your Side by Lirlys APH - Jeg elsker dig, Norge by Beyond-Invisible
Denmark - happiest moment by dark1110 Kiss the Dane by TaraAkera not a fairytale by Sujun Look over the lake by Hungary2702
Side om Side by Sujun Back then by Lirlys Denmark - from a distance by dark1110
Long long time ago by Lirlys :thumb216225002: Long Days by Lirlys Do you see that? by Lirlys
Ahh this? I can explain this by red-cluster APH: Welcome on board by red-cluster Denmark Norway Summer Fashion by Yuya-chanx3 APH : Denmark x Norway01 by haruhi-nazakura

Norway Stamp by l8&Flag of Iceland Stamp by xxstamps____________________iceland & norway
:thumb181037775: APH - NorIce - Being all alone by yurotschka APH - Promise by Sado-Nishi
HetaliIce and an older brother by azuooooo I shall protect you by Lirlys Over Europe Skies by BanzaiProductions APH - Norwegian sailors by kei-devyluzth

Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru__________________________________________groups
It's not over yet by Lirlys APH - How We Are by Kiramishi A nice afternoon by SEKAIR
APH: School life-Gakuen Hetalia version by Hikari-OvO sunset by kushiyaki-group :thumb170265220: By the Sea by Lirlys
APH: Peaceful times by piyo2himi APH - Nordics by Yuki-Haruka hetalia:5 as 1 by tpyhy hetalia:oh this is a family by tpyhy
Harbour by Lirlys Censoring some idiot by Lirlys War cry by envyinwondrland
hetalia:dont underestimate us by tpyhy APH:Jump out by fullmetalflower APH:A portrait by fullmetalflower
APH:Air Guitar by fullmetalflower APH:sfs:OH by fullmetalflower :thumb179089907: APH - Before 1523 by Bitenshi

Principality of Sealand by SaxonSurokov__________________________________________sealand
Lonely afternoon-Sealand cosplay by PoetryMonster APH: Sealand-kun by Hitooomi HETA : Seakun by nottan APH: Innnocent lil Sealand by Piyon-Pyon
Sealand in a ToyBox by SaxonSurokov Hetalia - Locked in the cellar by Auris-Lothol Visiting Japan by Sandriz
:thumb298726355: Cosplay - Sea-kun by minamiya SEALAND IN TEXAS by Sailmoon2012 :thumb175080326:

Nyo Finland and Sweden by SofiaMidori Nordic Queens Group by Blaane APH:Finland-Another side [Fanart Female ver] by Hikari-OvO
:thumb212375075: FemNorway-Nordic Queens by Blaane Fem!Norway-Nordic Queen by Blaane
Nyotalia Norway by SG09 I can't breathe by Life-Start Bork by Lisatjuh
Fem!Norway in Bunader by SG09 :thumb231287568: APH - Nyo!Norway by Sado-Nishi ++--Hetalia: Noway--female--++ by Sissichan0219

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒TROLOLOL by Reike-chan▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

_________________________________last features



Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 2:21 PM

featured by: Amapolchen

kiki's delivery service__________________________________________
Kiki - Studio Ghibli by RoteMamba Kiki's Delivery Service - 1 by HoneydewLoveCosplay Kiki IV by Gakosplay
:thumb312300985: What a Cool Witch by 9kitsune9 Sunshine:::: by Witchiko We belong together by Evil-Uke-Sora
Kiki:3 by Muffin-Kiki Kiki's Delivery Service:::::::: by Witchiko Under the tree by Muffin-Kiki Kiki and Tombo - Kiki's Delivery Service by Mostflogged

spirited away_________________________________________________
Spirited Away :: 02 by soulCerulean We need to run by gnitae Spirited Away by yui930
Spirited Away :: Come with Me by m-ichiko Spirited Away - 01 by kitsunesqueak Haku - Don't Be Afraid by kitsunesqueak Spirited Away by studioK2
Spirited Away by studioK2 Running away by squkyshoes It will be alright.. by Rynnnn Goodbye by Ryeain
No Face Cosplay - 04 by Sunnybrook1 Spirited Away :: 06 by dearttolife CnK - Chihiro and Haku by Yuki-Haruka A Girl and Her Dragon 2 by alita-b-angel
Walk Along The Tracks by thecreatorscreations Fly Haku Fly by polkajolka Awaits by Ryeain
Lost In Track by Ryeain A Dragon and His River by alita-b-angel Spirited Away - Haku by r-kira Cosplay - Noh-Face (older version) by Litwolf689
Run free by Skimpel Waterbending by Rollwurst Eat This It Will Help by alita-b-angel

princess mononoke_____________________________________________
San by moo-mo-mo San by Arisuyoshioko Kami no Mori by sara1789 PM: I will kill her by nekomiKasai
PM: Mononoke hime by nekomiKasai Wolf Princess by EclecticManiac in the forest by MIUX-R
The forest and the man by sara1789 San by lovelyyorange Princess Mononoke by lovelyyorange
Me as San 7 by MIUX-R Mononoke Hime: Call of Nature by e-l-y-n-n Ashitaka: Sharpshooter by firewolf826 I'm going to show you how to kill a god. by TifaIA
I can hear your heart by AGflower Mononoke by kenjiko Mononoke Hime :: 02 by Deathly-Sora San by FallingFeathers
Me as San 5 by MIUX-R San - Princess Mononoke by GeniMonster Okkoto with San by AGflower

my neighbor totoro_____________________________________________
Totoro: Don't be dumb, Mei.. You're so stupid! by kenjiko im a good neighbor by toxic-pink-ink We love Totoro by Plushbox
Michevious Maye by Toboe Double Trouble by Toboe satsuki mei and catbus by Daws3
Totoro by Ai-rika Mei and Totoro by onionhead1 Catbus Cosplay Lining Up by Phoenix-Dragons totoro mei and satsuki by ScissorWizardCosplay

nausicaa of the valley of the wind_________________________________
Clad in blue and surrounded by fields of gold by Reki-Konran Nausicaa by Tatina84 Thinking by Muffin-Kiki
:thumb310273370: Evil Kushana by deviantlisard Nausicaa by wilbur-kyriu Nausicaa by SidXandXNancy

howl's moving castle___________________________________________
Sophie Hatter Cosplay 5 by mel-deer Ghibli - Howl and Sophie by RoteMamba HMC: Markl by TheEmpiresGuild
Love is in the air by RoteMamba Howl + Sophie: DO You love me? by palecardinal My heart, by MartaNaokoChan I'm not pretty - Sophie Hatter by Shirokii
Demon Howl by MartaNaokoChan Poor Calcifer.. by MartaNaokoChan :thumb178291187:
Turniphead by AliceinIvory That boy is dangerous by y-o-s-s-i :thumb258896905: Howl's Moving Castle - Turning by GianMarqu
Young Apprentice by TheBigTog Demon Within by y-o-s-s-i howl's moving castle by PrincessBrood There's Always a Silver Lining by arlo-arleh
Sorcerer's Apprentice by mei-chama Howl -Military disguise- by Daruku-maru Howl -Military disguise before by Daruku-maru The Cleaning Lady by paper-stars
Howl's Moving Castle 1 by ycysusan Light Howl Dark Howl by alita-b-angel Howl's Moving Castle 2 by woodwood11
Howl by Vogelbeere HMC: Got Fire? by m00nf1sh Ghibli - Howls Moving Castle by RoteMamba Howls Moving Castle: Wishful by GianMarqu

porco rosso___________________________________________________
Friendship by Ane-ue Porco Rosso by Stealthos-Aurion Fio Piccolo from Porco Rosso by PrincessBrood

castle in the sky_______________________________________________
We Made It by MongrelTerritory 2010.03.17 - Laputa - 05 by peppanda-photo For you by Nert
Going Down by MongrelTerritory Castle in the Sky: Morning by Stealthos-Aurion 2010.03.17 - Laputa - 01 by peppanda-photo 2010.03.17 - Laputa - 06 by peppanda-photo

Desolation by Zombiebearz Welcome to the Cat Bureau by CanadianStrawberry Gedo Senki cosplay by LordWobbler I don't trust you by chibifie
:thumb316654945: Subarashii by Yiji Run To Me Ponyo! by thecreatorscreations
Ticklish Feet! by thecreatorscreations Ponyo Underwater - The Wizard and the Sea Goddess by alita-b-angel Ponyo Getting You Soaked by kenjiko She's a tiny fish by Zarsu
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyooo by thecreatorscreations Ponyo loves Sosuke by RainOwls :thumb330798059:
Arrietty: remembering Sho by Bewitchedrune Ghibli Scrap Photo by Kralle-K :thumb317813305:
Spiller by Kuranchie Arrietty loves nature by Bewitchedrune Fragments of the Heart by Huzaa Totoro Cosplay Apron by DarlingArmy

_________________________________last features



Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 2:35 PM

featured by: Amapolchen

Kagamine Len , Song by xsaye-cos :thumb264051644: Len by Maho-Urei Kagamine Len: Lesson 1 by yinneian

Kagamine Rin by HauroCosplay Kagamine Rin: Infinite Sound by ValdaValsha Kagamine Rin + Melon by elpheal Vocaloid : Kagamine Rin by z3LLLL

servant of evil / daughter of evil________________
Daughter of Evil by felilovespasta Story of Evil: Pride, The Deadliest Sin by ValdaValsha I'll be your guardian ! by Millet686 You are the queen by Maho-Urei
VOCALOID_Story of Evil by Dan-Gyokuei Vocaloid : Servant of Evil - Kagamine Len part.1 by miyoaldy Servant of Evil by Phelios123
Daughter and Servant of Evil I by kaworu0926 Evil Saga by MinGII Story of evil by o-Rike-o Servant Of Evil- Chat by BloodyCoffee
Vocaloid : Servant of Evil - Kagamine Len part.1 by miyoaldy Daughter of Evil by HitsujiAiko Daughter of Evil by rai-kamishiro Daughter of evil by Fluorescence911
The evil twins by Maho-Urei In the Golden Castle by rai-kamishiro Evil flower, Blooms dainty by MinGII :thumb150266699:
Oh my, it's snack time by rai-kamishiro Kagamine RIN - Daughter of Evil by rolan666 Daughter of evil 2 by Fluorescence911
Walking in the garden by Fluorescence911 Story of Evil by spooky-epiic Evil Flower and Evil Servant by LennyAnzaru Rin: Like a flower... by NorFrosch

MAGNET_escape from reality by hybridre White magnet_Love together by MmeWhoo Drawn to you like a magnet by Shi-chama
White magnet 2 by Maho-Urei Magnet : Len X Rin - 10 by shiroang Magnet : Len X Rin - 11 by shiroang
Vocaloid: Magentic Embrace by PockyTheif Vocaloid_Black Magnet 12 by Dan-Gyokuei White Magnet_heavenly by Dan-Gyokuei
White magnet by Maho-Urei Magnet I by MinGII Kagamine Len-White magnet by Dan-Gyokuei Magnet by mivayoru
Magnet : Len X Rin - 18 by shiroang Magnet Len and Rin by TheBigTog White Magnet_Like a magnet by Dan-Gyokuei

sandplay singing of the dragon_________________
Sandplay Singing of The Dragon2 by yui930 Song of the Dragon Twins by SilentCircus90 After Church Concert by alfenneo Sandplay Len and Rin by SilentCircus90
Sandplay of the Dragon ::02 by Cvy VOCALOID 02: Yearning for You by mochi-snack Kagamine Len - Little Prince by Des-Henkers-Braut
Prince and Princess Kagamine by 1cekream Praying for The Night by sakurazaki Vocaloid: Dragon II by Piyon-Pyon Fenix 2012 Ryuu No Naku Hakoniwa Yori 4 by Major-Edward-Elric
Vocaloid: I'll dance alone by Yuugi-Mutou :We'll dance Alone: by KURA-rin Vocaloid: Dragon III by Piyon-Pyon

alice human sacrifice_________________________
Vocaloid_HSA_Twins by hybridre Your blood And My blood by H-I-T-O-M-I HSA_lost in wonderland by hybridre
Kagamine twins Alice sacrifice by mila-tiemy Alice human sacrifice-Twins by kotanimomo Till Death Do Us Part - Not by Chewyee Curse In Disguise by Chewyee
Alice Human Sacrifice 2_P2 by H-I-T-O-M-I Alice human sacrifice 7 by o0oFairyo0o vocaloid : the 4th alice by kim-tram :thumb172780561:

imitation black______________________________
Imitation Black - Len Cosplay Shoot nr.1 by diriagoly :thumb170118509: Imitation Black: Len by zerartul Len Kagami [Imitation Black] by theDevil-photography
Imitation Black by MikadoCosplay IMITATION BLACK-Len by rayrinaruth Imitation Black: 01 by kazuya22
Imitation Black - Len by XkaOnslaught :thumb284625538: Imitation Black: 04 by kazuya22 'Black princess' Len K. by SanctusIX
:thumb158077932: Here I lie by AsumiChan :thumb157967494:
:thumb204860849: IMITATION BLACK - Love You Two by midoriP Len Imitation Black Cosplay by KoppuMichiru Anime Central 2012: Imitation Black by GoddessOfDarkness07
Imperfect Love painted in Black by Shi-chama Imitation Black - I by hexlord Len Imitation Black II by KiraHokuten
:thumb282339967: Imitation Black - Redux by hexlord Rox - I.B. Len by CatoKusanagi

SPICE_LEN by hybridre SPICE-Gemini by Sakina666 Vocaloid - Len SPICE 3 by r-kira SPICE by Pugoffka-sama
:thumb199216469: spice. by MidnaMoon A Different P.O.V. by ariacosplays

Rin - Meltdown - Cosplay 1 by TwilightSaphir Meltdown -  (Hard R.K. mix) - by candypyon Rin - Meltdown - Cosplay 3 by TwilightSaphir
Meltdown Hard RK Mix by Futsuki Rin with a pose by SidarthuR
Project DIVA 2nd: Meltdown by farizasuka Rin Kagamine - Meltdown by Zanitas Meltdown - 02 by shiroang

fanart & other songs__________________________
[VOC] Bonus Stage by chuotmap222 Vocaloids: The Bonus Stage by pireze Bonus Stage - Kagamination by SuuKirisaki
Goodnight by xsaye-cos :thumb301169823: The two heads twins by Maho-Urei :thumb314703621:
Precious by Chewyee Vocaloid : Come with us by anicegirlxD Vocaloid Christmas - Rin Len by Xeno-Photography Karakuri Burst - Death Befalls by Yukin0-ChaN
Vocaloid - Meltic Halloween 2 by HoneydewLoveCosplay VOCALOID_sorrowful twin by Dan-Gyokuei :thumb260043325:
Hachi Hachi Flower Battle II by YAsuukun I wished .... by AN0RIEL VOCALOID : Dating by kaziest
Lost in Haunted Land by YAsuukun Risky Game - The Twin by vaxzone
Rin X len: Hakamairi by kazuhyun Matryoshka power by yumiXtenshi Shitai ha by Maho-Urei Kagamine Len - Message in a Bottle by Des-Henkers-Braut
Cats of the Forest - I by hexlord Crazy dream now is real by LennyAnzaru Forbidden Wanting by OztheNekoMaster VOCALOID : no way out of eden by kaziest
Vocaloid 00 by herotenka :thumb283048287: Fantasy Quest 2012 : Yearning for you by viospace STGCC 131 by SynGreenity
Senbon Sakura Len-01 by pandagirl7084 Fantasy Quest 2012 : Dance with me tonight by viospace Setsugetsuka_Len x Rin 2 by H-I-T-O-M-I
Kagamine Len: Rolling Boy by LordWolfram :thumb189241947: Len Kagamine by TEIT0 Vocaloid - I'm Rin by o0oFairyo0o

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tsubasa reservoir chronicles________
My feather... by Vestal-Spirit Sakura from Infinity world 2 by gnitae Tsubasa Chronicle - Sakura by voizofsnow Sakurarara by Chrome-sensei
Imagining life without you by Asiandolly TRC: Guardian of the Pool by Yiji Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 2 by onkami
TRC : Sakura by kaguyaxhime Disquieting dream by dreamhunter707 Syaoran: Warm Sky by bekalou-cosplay
11-01-08 Sakura, Eclair by blurscrib TGX 002 - TRC Sakura by garion TRC: Your Magic by mistlel Vulnerability by dreamhunter707
Twirllzzz by StrawberyNeko TRC: Shattered Kingdom by mistlel Sakura - If I spread my wings by KashinoRei Tsubasa : Sweeping Cold by theonlyVU
Tsubasa Chronicle: Syaoran by Bekalou Tsubasa : Celestial Crown by theonlyVU Tsubasa:RC_To save your soul by SoranoSuzu
TRC: waiting. by Kairisia :thumb161437544: Captivity. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by gorlitsa
Cosplay - Watching. by Golden-feline Tsubasa : Country of Seresu by thebakasaru Tsubasa:RC_Part of memories by SoranoSuzu Snow Prince by Midgard1612

card captor sakura________________
Catching Cards After School by pireze Unlimited Gift Works by pireze Cardcaptor Sakura - Pink Gown by YukiChristy Sakura n Tomoyo - cardcaptor sakura by Bakasteam
Little Angel by DascocoCosplay Sakura  and Tomoyo by Sakurith Sakura Kinomoto3 Cosplay by Sakurith
Lovely pink by bellatrixaiden The Earthy Card by LoloHoshi The Void by hexlord
Film Film Film by Isarandel Queen of Heart by SAlbi Cardcaptor Sakura_pure sky by hybridre Best of Friends by hexlord
:thumb139789861: Love you much much by Shiya Clow Card Windy by Lillyxandra Card Captor Sakura: Butterfly by Astellecia
Card Captor Sakura: Thicker Than Water by silverharmony Card Captor Sakura: Magic by Astellecia The Rain - Sakura's Command by Des-Henkers-Braut
CCS - The Power of the Clow by imari-yumiki CCS: Master and her Guardian by Blackcrane56 Card Captor Sakura Yukito by jiaanxu Tomoyo by JustineVedovato

angelic layer_____________________
Don't underestimate me! by Midgard1612 Athena by maki-chama Angelic Layer by josephlowphotography Angels fight too by Kiirae
Angelic Layer by josephlowphotography YC11 - Hikaru by BlizzardTerrak Misaki and Her Angel by StrawberyNeko

Freya by Dessi-Desu Chii seductive mode by Cocodrillo Chii Chobits 5 by JuTsukinoOfficial In the Darkness by Megami-Shiawase
Chobits: Chibits by haraju2girls Chi and her bunny by yuUkichama Find the One for Me by F1yMordecai Chii Cosplay - Spin by MelfinaCosplay
Chi and freya: Chobits by god-gundamer Take me away by Cosplay-Ai Chobits - 04 by shiroang
Chobits - 01 by shiroang Chobits - Sweet life by ALIS-KAI Persocom - Chobits by Valvaris Chii by ichimancu
Chobits - First moment by nyaomeimei Chobits: fleeting love by Seranaide Chobits. Chii. by Kaikida
Freya - Chobits by e-l-y-n-n Chobits by Yunnale Chobits Chi Artbook Cosplay by K-I-M-I
Chobits - Where is Hideki.. by nyaomeimei Chobits by JustineVedovato :thumb199940369: Chobits chii cosplay :moe-ness by w2200354

Oluha by NikitaCosplay Oruha self by artflower The 4 leaf Clover by xSoulxxxReaperx Oruha Photoshoot with Judy by yayacosplay
Clover: Alone by zerartul Clover: Oruha by yayacosplay Suu - Clover by SaraDarkLight
Clover Cosplay Sue and Ora 01 by Benny-Lee Clover 2 by neko-tin The Sultry Songstress by yayacosplay

magic knigt rayearth_______________
Embracing Light and Dark by H-I-T-O-M-I Magic Knight Rayearth - 03 by shiroang Dancing in the water by Shiya
Rayearth - 11 by chibi-lenne Magic Knight Rayearth: Umi by zerartul Magic Knight Rayearth - 04 by shiroang :thumb213131567:
MKR: Magic Knights. by m-a-g-i Rayearth: Emerald Typhoon by echoing-artemis Wind_Fire_Water by H-I-T-O-M-I
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 by ycysusan Knight and princess by erioru Magic Knight by Shiva-Iceprincess Hikaru and Umi - Magic Knight Rayearth by Bunnymoon-Cosplay

Chinese garden by konzertjunky xxxHolic. Mokona. Kota by Black-Kota The passage by SaraDarkLight Watanuki 04 by Megane-Saiko
Autumn Dream by Princess-of-Memorys :thumb278031303: xxxHOLiC_Jump to the sky by SoranoSuzu
xxxHLC_White kitsune by SoranoSuzu Yuuko witch by arienai-ten Yuuko_XxXHolic by Lynkness
The Misty Ways of the World by Vilya0 Ichihara Yuuko - 11 by Megane-Saiko Kimihiro Watanuki by Misaki-Sai Zashiki-Warashi by JustineVedovato
xxxHolic - Yuuko Ichihara (cover of 13th volume) by tajfu Yuuko - Pearls by artflower Mokons Modoki 14 by Satene-san

Sleeping time by Hitomi-Cosplay Let These Feelings Fly to You by Cepiapon KOBATO: so here i am! by Kairisia Kobato:Gorgeous and the Bishie by hoshikohikari
Kobato by faidoi Kobato.-1 by dycoz Hanato Kobato - Say Hi by KonCookie
KOBATO - From somewhere in the sky by vana-chan Kobato - Ms. Kindergartener by LiL-KRN-YUNA Kobato by Bekalou Rising sun by Aoime

tokyo babylon_____________________
TOKYO BABYLON-HOKUTO SUBARU by elevenwu Tokyo Babylon 1999 cos 4 by dees2013 Subaru Sumeragi by Aoinagaru TOKYO BABYLON-HOKUTO II by elevenwu
tokyo babylon - PF10 : 05 by xrysx tokyo babylon - subaru by dj-bucky X- Subaru Sumeragi 4 by dees2013

rg veda__________________________
Queen of Kendappa - II by hexlord :thumb266918854: :thumb266918768:
RG Veda : Ashura by Rociell The 6th Star by oruntia RG Veda - Ashura by Miyukiko Rg Veda-Royalty by AkabaraYashiki

code geass________________________
Code Geass: chess by chibinis-chan CG: To be a Truth by mistlel code geass cosplay...again. by dees2013 :thumb169811456:
Code Geass Couples by SilentCircus90 CodeGeassCCartClamp by Lilian-hime Code Geass: THANK YOU GUYS by Green-Makakas
To make a wish by gorlitsa Nunnally - Her Endless Dreams by hexlord COSPLAY-CODE GEASS:LELOUCH00 by yolkler
C.C. Open your heart by Kaikida Code Geass: Student by Niji-no-Ninji-n CODE GEASS: the WINGS by KoujiAlone Code Geass witch... by Astarohime
Code Geass R2 - 06 by Kanasaiii Code Geass: A Better World by behindinfinity Cosplay : CODE GEASS by yuegene

Fuuma and Kamui by Hikari-Kanda Kamui - lost fight by chiisaiSaku